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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just have fun. We are excited to be performing weekly and hope to see you soon at a show – check out the Scoop above, or just drop us a line.


"Question:… Will that amazingly fine singer be part of this up-coming performance ??  I do hope so !” : Attendee from last year's Nu Klezmer Performance about June 14th, 2015 performance 

"She pleased the crowd with their favorite show tunes by famous singers such as Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.": 

Life Enhancement Co-ordinater, Heatherwood Retirement Residence, 2014

Laura did an Amazing set at our Women of Worth Magazines WOW Gal Celebration 5 Year Anniversary Event! One comment being...I never liked Jazz until now. Loved the song choices!

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